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Industry and sector research 

We provide in-depth and tailored sector research aimed at increasing an investor's understanding of key trends and drivers underpinning the growth and development of specific sectors in Africa.


Typically, our clients will already know which industry or sector they would like to invest in, and need access to deep-dive analyses of the specific sector, including trends, drivers of growth, market sizing, entry barriers, competitor landscape, opportunities for disruption, and growth projections. Our clients may also want to understand how the dynamics of a specific sector varies from country to country within Africa.

Our industry and sector research and analysis gives investors great depth of detail, allowing them to make informed investment decisions. We help you to analyse and forecast the changing sector landscape.

  • Tailored industry and sector research, addressing your specific questions

  • Backed by primary and secondary data sources

  • Team of experienced sector specialists with international experience

Typical client issue:

What are the key trends, growth drivers, issues and risks in my sector/industry? How do these differ between specific countries in Africa?

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